[Release b]
Thu May 13 21:03:13 WEST 2004

In the current release of tendra4minix (a), after fixing
<t4m_bug_copy_func_args>, the compilation of the file new_init.C produces this

"new_init.C", line 7: Error:
  [ISO 5.3.4]: Can't have an initializer in 'new[]' expression.

"new_init.C", line 7: Error:
  [ISO 5.3.4]: In 'new[]' expression initializer.
  [ISO 12.1]: 'C' has no default constructor.

The first error is ERR_expr_new_array_init, which is generated only inside the
function make_new_init [allocate.c]. A look into the code of the function
make_new_init [allocate.c] indicates clearly that the initialization of dynamic
arrays is forbidden (see section 5.3.4, paragraph 14, of the document
X3J16/96-0225 WG21/N1043).